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Rollers are heavy construction machines used to compact various types of soil, asphalt, or other materials in the construction and roadwork industries. They are crucial for creating a solid, flat, and stable surface by reducing air voids and increasing material density. Here are some key features and types of rollers:

  • Smooth Drum Rollers: These are used for compacting granular and non-cohesive soils, as well as asphalt surfaces.
  • Padfoot Rollers: Equipped with pad feet or "lugs," they are used for compacting cohesive or semi-cohesive soils, like clay or silt.
  • Pneumatic Rollers: These rollers have rubber tires and are often used for finishing and sealing asphalt surfaces.
  • Vibratory Rollers: Some rollers are equipped with vibratory systems that enhance compaction efficiency by reducing air voids.
  • Tandem Rollers: These feature two sets of drums for better compaction results and are often used in road construction.
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  • Road Construction: Compacting the layers of asphalt or aggregate to create durable road surfaces.
  • Soil Compaction: Preparing the ground for building foundations, retaining walls, and other structures.
  • Landfill Compaction: Reducing the volume of waste and increasing the density to minimize the space used in landfills.
  • Agriculture: Preparing agricultural land by compacting the soil to improve crop growth.